High Vibrational Relationships: Beyond Twin Flames and Soulmates

Twin Flame…Soul Mate…Balance partner….Karmic Relationship. We go around in circles looking for labels and definitions of what a deep soul connection means to us.

Could this person be my Twin Flame? etc, etc…Is he? Is he? (or she?)

How about for just a moment we put those labels aside, and instead focus our intention on the quality of the vibration of the connection we choose to have with another person.

We could ask ourselves, is this relationship good for our souls? Am I growing? Have I reached a place of unconditional love within myself that would help to create a ‘High Vibrational Relationship’

Rather than being tied to definitions and the pain, trials and tribulations of the ‘one and only’ Twin Flame, why don’t we liberate ourselves from this obsession and instead focus ourselves on the quality of the lives and the relationship we wish to manifest into our lives?

I believe once we have experienced a ‘Twin Flame Connection’ with another person, we are free to create that energy in our lives for ourselves (a wonderful gift) and I truly believe we are then free to create an equally as beautiful relationship with any number of human beings while we are alive on this planet.

Why limit yourselves…When anything is possible?

You can overcome the prison you have imposed on yourselves by letting go of definitions.

I don’t claim to be an expert on Twin Flames, but I have experienced some High Vibrational connections with men I believe I have a deep soul connection with. Although i went through the ‘agony and ecstasy’ of a Twin Flame Connection, and I have been told by Twin Flame experts that one of those is indeed my Twin Flame…I still choose to go beyond those definitions and refused to be towed around by them.

To stay hung up on something just because of a definition does not serve you.

Beyond the roller coaster of the Twin Flame experience that you may be going through right now, there is a big wide world – a world of High Vibrational Relationships.

The High Vibrational element begins with you – you attract what you are.

Therefore, the more you integrate and heal your lower/denser energies and vibrations, thoughts and feelings, and the more light you become, the higher the quality relationship you will attract and manifest.

When you have a High Vibrational Relationship and it feels truly heavenly, beautiful and enriches your life, who cares whether that person is your ‘one and only’ Twin Flame or Soulmate? We can have many deep, true love connections that make us truly happy.

My advice would be to not get hung up on definitions – work on yourself and your own inner connection to the Light. Not only will your life become beautiful, but you will attract a beautiful ‘True Love’ relationship and you will not care if that person comes under any specific label or soul connection.

True Love is: Genuine, authentic, caring, giving, respectful, ecstatic, kind and beautiful. Lots of fun too!

Search for True Love within you, and it will come in perfect time.

(By Charlotte)